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[Internet] Bell 15/10 with third party voip

I've had up and down time with third party voip on Bell 15/10. Half of the time, it wouldn't registered. I have no other issue with Bell internet. For past month, I've done tracert to VOIP's server ( and found a routine. I would like to know what could be a possible problem.

IP phone registered when I have IP:,,,

IP phone failed to register when I have IP:,,,

I'm located in Montreal, and IP address with 76.69.**.** is my local. However, 65.94.**.** is 600 km away from where I am. I wonder why I get dynamic IP of Ontario CO. and How it is related to my IP phone problem. Thanks,


interesting problem and great observations on your part.

Could it be possible that your voip provider could be blocking connections from 65.x.x.x ?

I highly doubt it. I'm certain that there are more clients in 65.92.x.x or 65.94.x.x area than my area. I had no luck with Bell tech on this matter, as my internet is working properly. I also made a request to VOIP company to troubleshoot, but nothing so far.


reply to benkandroid
Isn't there any traceroute test you can do ?

Yes, I've done tracert multiple times, and it always get stuck at same place when it doesn't work (get stuck here I've sent a request to verify that to the voip company. But why is my VOIP phone IP dependant? and why do I get Toronto IP from Bell when I'm in Montreal? Is it a regular thing?


said by benkandroid :

and why do I get Toronto IP from Bell when I'm in Montreal? Is it a regular thing?

If you are saying this based on geolocation, you need to keep in mind that geolocation is just a dumb database that gets updated with whatever the ISP updates it to. When netblocks get shuffled around, the geolocation data does not necessarily get updated and sometimes people may get IPs that geolocate to a different province or even a different country because records have not been updated yet.

ISPs have no obligation to keep geolocation data up to date so I would not be surprised if most netblocks are simply located to wherever the ISP specified upon initial acquisition and never bothered updating beyond that.


·Bell Fibe
reply to benkandroid
Checked my setup and currently have a 69.*.*.* IP. I'm in the Montreal area also. The log on the sagecomm does not go back far enough to tell me what other IP's I've had,sorry

I have 15/10 also,or rather 15/1.5 ; (

I use and do not have any issues

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Thanks, InvalidError for your explanation.
More I think of it, this VOIP problem has to be dealt with VOIP provider, not Bell internet.

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reply to benkandroid
Why is your traffic routing through Korea, assuming this geolocation DB is accurate?

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