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On The Road
reply to Woody79_00


said by Woody79_00:

said by beck:

said by Dude111:

No buddy i dont believe just ANYTHING,i do thankfully have my own mind AND CAN USE IT! (Most have been compromised and cannot)


LEAVE Dude111 alone!!!! I'm SO sick of those that jump on him as soon as he posts. Doesn't matter what he says. He has just as much right to believe what he wants as you do.


I am not jumping on Dude111. Infact, there has been some cases where i have actually stuck up for him. Even though i may not agree with everything he posts, I will defend his right to believe and post those things just like any other American would.

However, how could anyone even read, believe, or even want to have anything to do with a guy that is on record stating the British Royal Family are alien reptiles?

I am just saying folks shouldn't believe everything they read on the Internet. Reading that kind of nonsense all the time can warp your brain.

I haven't ever been to these sites. Why are all of you hanging around on them? I do like coast2coast tho. Find out about all sorts of strange stuff. Don't have to believe what they say. But then in my history books there was nothing about pyramids being all over the world. And I believe there are. You have to separate the wheat from the chaff.

But hey, I guess now that it's been brought up so many times, can you prove to me the royal family aren't alien reptiles? I thought that was only in that TV show, but now it's been mentioned here so it must be true.
Damn spy drones!
They are interfering
with my sun spots.