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[IE] Reg file to disable Adobe PDF from Manage Add-Ons?

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From my print screen, is there any way that I can disable the Adobe Reader PDF from the Manage Add-Ons page using a registry file?



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The easiest way to get there is using CCleaners tool.

In an admin acct open CCleaner

Tools | Startup | Internet Explorer | right click and disable.

This you can do for all sorts of extensions.
This is what it does:
Navigates to this key for me for Adobe Reader:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{18DF081C-E8AD-4283-A596-FA578C2EBDC3}

It sets a DWORD entry NoExplorer with a value of 1

Once you have created your own disabled DWORD entry, you can then export it for later as per your request.

Added note: The CCleaner tool will also open the registry entry for any plugin item, theoretically you could disable all sorts of entries for IE then export the whole registry entry. You could also do this for your startup items to some extent and have a bulk registry file if you install the exact same software across numerous machines. The problem with startup items is the softwares will still try to set the entry, startup items are best turned off in the programs themselves.
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I do not want to diable Internet Explorer, I only want to disable the Adobe Reader Add-on. Because since Adobe Reader 11 came out, they took out the option checkbox to disable View PDF in Browser under the Preferences > Internet setting in Adobe. And the only to do it, is by my print screen.

So, I want to just disable this Add-on by using the registry. But I dont know if we understand each other on this. But this time, I gave you pretty much all the details now.


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Yes, we are on the same page.

The window you show, right click the plug-in actually gives you an option to disable it.
Thanks for the heads up on the reader ver XI.
I only just downloaded it and found what you mentioned.
Why would they do that?

The settings I provided in my previous post is not going to break Internet Explorer, it is only for the plug-in.
As you mentioned a registry fix, I thought you might understand the registry.
If not that is okay, just look at my screen shot to disable it - however this is a user setting and every user needs to do it on the computer.
My initial reply is a global setting for every user.


Edit: By the way, do you turn off java-script too in the reader, this can be a hole for zero-day exploits too if you are concerned.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke

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reply to scottp99
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Here is a screen shot of the preferences screen from Adobe Reader 11.0.2. By the way, the menu items to get there from inside of Adobe Reader is Edit Menu, then Preferences, and click on the Internet Category.

If you click the link "How to set up your browser to use Adobe products to view PDF documents" (red arrow in my picture), it will take you to the following webpage

» ··· -xi.html

On that webpage, you will see instructions on how to modify the setting that has been removed from Adobe Reader and Acrobat 11 from inside your specific browser. The browsers that they list help on are
• Internet Explorer 8 and 9
• Google Chrome
• Mozilla Firefox
• Apple Safari

Here is the text that appears at the top of the web page for reference

When you click a PDF link on a web page, it can open either within the web browser or directly in Acrobat or Reader. Each browser has its own settings to control how PDFs open from a web page. Acrobat XI and Reader XI do not include a preference setting to open web-based PDFs. To change the display behavior, follow the instructions below for your browser, or see the browser documentation on how to control plug-ins or add-ons.

So, as norwegian See Profile has said, you do have to make the change from inside the browser. For IE 8 & 9, if you Enable the browser plug-in, it turns on the option to display PDF's inside of the browser. If you disable the browser plug-in, it turns off the option to display PDF's inside of the browser.

To me, this seems a bit more work and complicated for the end user. It was so easy before (just check a box inside the preferences of Adobe). Wonder why they changed this?

--Brian Plencner

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