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Washington, DC
reply to NoHereNoMo

Re: Is the email Verizon gives with their FiOS service IMAP?

said by NoHereNoMo:

They aren't "quirks"... Google's IMAP is just a little "customized" for Gmail. Works fine in Thunderbird, better in Postbox.

I think the biggest "quirk" is it's non-standard treatment of folders that results from its "labels" approach. While labels has its advantages, it doesn't play really well with straight IMAP clients.


Labels are what make Gmail... Gmail, that and its implementation of conversations. Given a choice, I'll take labels over "standard" IMAP any day--having something that works better is always preferred. Properly configured (meaning the way Google suggests), an email client works fine with Gmail's IMAP. Frankly though, the fact that Gmail has any IMAP support is something of a wonder--one of the few things I commend Google for.
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