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Finally!! A UO server that we've been waiting for :)

For those of you that have played Ultima Online and are looking to get back into it, and even those of you that just want a fun free game to play, you should seriously check out UO Immortalis. It's free and T2A based with lots of extras, perfectly balanced and the staff are amazing, always taking suggestions and around to help out. This server has more features than ANY other free server available, all while keeping the nostalgic feeling we all love.

Just a few of the features are..:

Insta-Hit and Pre-Casting
UO:R Style Factions
Automated Duel/Tournament Arena's
Champion and Paragon Spawns
BOD's and Plant System
No Mounts

The community is growing daily and events are starting so come by the IRC or forums to see what's up uoimmortalis. com

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Mentor, OH

I've always been puzzled as to why EA allows "private" UO servers. You'd think they would issue a take down notice.
UO is still in production. Though all Mythic seems to be doing is adding content, and story lines.

I've jumped into Earth and Beyond recently. I was a beta tester for the game, and played it for the 1st year. EA killed it back in 2004/05. Anyhow a group of people [I think a couple for the old westwood studios], recreated the server.
The game is free, as is the play. The "designers/programmers" have plans to add a few things, but have to tread very carefully, least they trigger a take down from EA.
They accept donations from time to time, but have to keep the amounts small. Also the trademark expired for the game, and the liscense will expire in a couple of years, further freeing up what they can do with the game.
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Salem, OR
reply to KaeleaF
I don't think EA cares much about private servers so long as the server owners keep it completely free and don't make any money off of it.

Pretty much the same reason why Blizzard hasn't gone after private WoW servers.