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Superior, WI
reply to Crookshanks

Re: define median

said by Crookshanks:

Every other day? It does not consume 300+MB of data to check Facebook. If you discount Netflix and Pandora my average daily usage on the landline is around 200MB, and that's including the occasional big download.

actually, Facebook has made some huge increases over the last year on how much data it loads onto your system at first, and then count in if you scroll down any. It initially loads about 3MB on my system, and then if I scroll down about 5 pages worth, its an additional 10-15MB. If you just checked facebook, 10 times, thats 300MB. Websites are getting huge, and ads also take up a chunk of data too. Remember, its a median not an average. A median is the middle number of all your data points that separates the higher half from the lower half. This means that there are significantly fewer heavy users in their data(or they cut some out) than there are light users, which means that light users get a bias. I think its junk numbers unless they post the data they used anyways, since I can attest that just checking facebook and email, along with general web browsing can run upwards of 15GB a month for a household of 2.


Binghamton, NY

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The GP didn't say checking FB ten times, he said checking it "every other day". The number I provided is real, I work in IT, and I've track every bit of data that passes across my pipe. The average usage (discounting Pandora and Netflix, which may be a cop-out, but there it is) is really right around 200MB. Some days I don't use the internet at all, other days I might bring home a laptop to work on and download 600MB of software updates.

Even with Pandora it's not that bad. IP Video is the real killer. Over the summer when we had better things to do than watch TV our total monthly count was always under 10GB, and that's for a household of two young people, one in IT, the other a fairly tech savvy teacher with a dawn to dusk Facebook addiction.

Would I willingly purchase a capped connection? No way in hell. I hold onto my unlimited cellular data plan for dear life even though I rarely exceed 1GB. I pay for a commercial internet account in part because of a 250GB cap on residential service, even though I have never exceeded that, or even come close to it (my record is 187GB). It's part principle, part peace of mind.

None of that means that there aren't lots of people who could save money from this service. Just checked their webpage, $18.99 for 8mbit/s and a 10GB cap. $14.99 for 3mbit/s and 10GB cap. $9.99 for 1.5mbit/s and a 10GB cap. How are you going to compete with those prices if those speeds and 10GB cap are ample for your needs?


Springfield, MO
"I work in IT"

"Some days I don't use the internet at all"

"young people"

"I rarely exceed 1GB (per month)"

You are, without a doubt, the most Luddite of a young IT person I've ever, ever seen then. In fact, it makes me question the validity of your statements. I'll leave it at that, though, because I have no way of knowing what statements you make are true or false, anyway.


Binghamton, NY

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Now you accuse me of lying? How very mature of you.

Did it occur to you that someone who works with computers ALL DAY might want to do OTHER THINGS when they get home?

Also, I didn't say "1GB", I said 10GB, and qualified that with it only happened over the summer when we had better things to do than watch TV. Try reading my posts in the future before you get uppity.

Very few tech-savvy people use that little data. Without even trying, I'm at like 100-150GB/mo.