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San Francisco, CA

Freedom Pop's version of throttle and cap

I'm on freedom pop's USB stick 2GB plan. I also have post-paid sprint with the HTC EVO 4G.
Both of these are on the same Clearwire Wimax network. But my freedom connection will only max out at ~5mbps down, whereas the sprint connection will seee ~10mbps down. This test was conducted at the same location, with the highest bars on both devices.

Freedom pop does have an option to pay $3 month for "faster speeds". I haven't tried it yet, but I think thats the "unthrottled" version. I'm a bit annoyed as they do advertise their normal service as unthrottled.

In regards to caps, freedom pop does not have cap per se. They have your credit on file and if you exceed the monthly allotment they will just charge overage. So this is different from the old "unlimited" clearwire accounts.

As for freedom pop's "click-thru, earn GB" scheme, it consists of installing spam and other malicious programs on your computer from "sponsors". It turns your computer into a ridiculously useless spam-bot. I wonder how long it takes freedom pop to realize this ad model ain't gonna work.

Raleigh, NC
As long as people are willing to whore themselves out for "free" bits, then it does, indeed, work. There are a few partner ads that don't require installing anything, or buying anything, but the payout is next to nothing.

(If you're going to milk that cow, use a throw-away VM)


La Pointe, WI
·US Internet
reply to pkorx8
I know off subject but looking for help. I had Freedom Pop's free plan. A salesmen from FP called and offered a free month of 5gbs or something. Like a fool I said yes. He said I can go back to my original plan anytime by going to the website.

Only thing is, the free plan is not listed on the website. So I requested a "cancel my service" via their emaill (the only way to contact them). No response for two weeks and continuing.

They have my credit card info and will start charging. Any thoughts on how I can extricate myself from Freedom Pop?