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Sacramento, CA

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Re: [HD] FIOS Moving to MPEG-4 HD

Well yeah, but notice many other TV providers have taken the hit... Of course, none are as big as Comcast.

Again it would be something Comcast would do in phases, their corporate accounting wizards I'm sure could come up with a plan to write off most of the costs in phasing out the cable boxes as some kind of business "change management" expense over multiple years.

If they had started this process back when HBO started delivering MPEG4 natively, they could have a significant footprint of MPEG4 ready STBs.
While not explicitly the reason for it, they already do have a pretty large footprint of MPEG4 STBs, since anything labeled "RNG" supports it. For example in January there was a PR that said there already 8 million RNG150's in the field (that would include both the Cisco branded RNG150/150N and the Motorola DCX3200M/P2 rebranded as RNG150N), it does not include the new Pace RNG150N that is being deployed in extra rooms with the X1 DVR (as that's partially what the PR was about). That also doesn't include the RNG200 level (i.e. Cisco RNG200N and Motorola DCX 3400/3501's) DVRs, nor the Pace RNG 110's out there.