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Ann Arbor, MI

Got somebody else's gateway - does it matter?

We are switching from DSL to Uverse internet after receiving a letter from ATT telling us that our DSL was going to be shut down in 3 weeks. My self-install gateway arrived today for tomorrow's 8:00 pm activation. However, the packing slip inside the box indicates that this gateway was actually supposed to be shipped to someone in California. (We are in Michigan.) The name, shipping address, uverse account number, etc on the packing slip are not mine. Does this matter? I've been on the phone with 3 different ATT techs tonight trying to get an answer to the question: Is the gateway in the box provisioned for a particular uverse account number? Can I successfully use the gateway with my account number even though it was supposed to be shipped to someone else? I won't burden people here with the crazy/incoherent stuff I've been told by the ATT folks I've spoken with today. If someone here has an answer I would be very grateful.



Clover, SC
You can hook up that gateway to your line and it will provision for your account automatically, it is strange thoguh that the wrong slip was in it, it could be the right modem for you with the wrong paperwork inside, who knows, but no it should not make a difference.