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Port Orange, FL
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reply to DarkLogix

Re: Final Level(3) Installation

Per TP-76300, Section K, 3.5.3:
"Exposed shields of shielded cable shall be protected with two half-lapped layers of electrical tape or heat shrinkable sleeve."

My comment was about breaking the sheath of larger STP cable. While we do sometimes run standard 4 pair CAT5/6 cable, our typical run is 25 to 100 pair. The DMX has AMP connectors on the system side. DS1's are installed in groups of 28, and DS3's are installed in 12's or 24's. All is shielded cable, and requires tape where we "butt" the cable for termination.

Although the DMX Metro can be used for ethernet I can only recall two or three customers who've requested it in 8-10 years we've been installing them. My last Level-3 install was 192 DS3's, but the typical customer (or multi tennant) install is:

FN-A: 56 DS1's
FN-B: 56 DS1's
FN-C: Vacant for OCxx drops
FN-D: 24 DS3's

I know that seems like a lot of DS1's, but they're still used for a TON of things. If a DISC*S accompanies it, it can eat up to 28. A Wescom T1 repeater is almost always included, and can eat another 28.