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Ellicott City, MD
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reply to AlanM

Re: Horrible youtube speeds

Time for a deep-dive. I looked at a research paper online where students examined the cache-server-selection process used by Youtube. Here's an excerpt from it. I think we're looking at the tip of an iceberg:

Primary cache servers follow the naming convention, v[1-24].lscache[1-8].c.youtube.com. From the example, you can see that there are 24 X 8 = 192 possible hostnames. Then, for example, the first iteration, or v1.lscache1.c.youtube.com maps to ~75 different Address Records in DNS, depending on time-of-day, and location of the querying IP.

It appears that there are variables at play here, that are difficult to control, if we're going to try to 'fool the system'. This is from a paper, "Where Do You "Tube"? Uncovering YouTube Server Selection Strategy", written by some students at the U. of Minnesota.