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Re: Nexus 4

Sim locks are from carriers who see themselves as champions for bringing X phone to market. And they think they are entitled to the fruits of that phone in the market. Meaning when ATT brings the Blackberry torch to market that because ATT worked so hard and was so diligent in allowing their customers to purchase the torch, that the torch should be stuck on their network, and theirs alone. Forever. If anyone uses a BBery torch ATT should bet getting some money somewhere from it.

This is the bulk mindset behind sim locks. It has little to do with contractual obligations. You may agree with the carriers, you may disagree. I just feel that people ought to know why before they make their decisions.

When you bring up devices like the nexus 4. It throws carriers for a loop as it's not "The nexus 4 brought to you by AT&T", or "The iphone 5 brought to you by AT&T". Instead it's a 299 dollar high end smartphone directly from the producer. Now when an ATT subscriber buys a nexus 4, they look at their 96 dollar a month plan and wonder why they are paying so much when they buy their device outright. I've been told that even the subsidized nexus 4 sold through T-mobile on contract is unlocked. That should blow away anyone's notion that sim locks are required for contracts to function properly.