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Sacramento, CA
reply to GTFan

Re: [HD] FIOS Moving to MPEG-4 HD

said by GTFan:

I don't think they have a lot of channel bandwidth pressures now (at least on 850mhz systems), because they're not adding much new HD anymore.

You hit the nail on the head. They've stopped adding HD channels, at least here is Northern California. Ironically, they in fact removed HD channels about a year after the final analog reclamation process went through. I've seen reports of this happening all over Comcast's areas. They removed all alternate feeds of premiums (west vs. east, etc) and basically only kept the main channel and removed secondary premium channels and extra timezone feeds.

Moving to MPEG4 would mean MORE channels for customers, not less. But that's Comcast's typical modus operandi.... Give them a little but not a lot more...

Comcast seems to think they can remove those extra HD linear channels because of their OnDemand offerings for the same channels. Which as we know is not equivalent for multiple reasons.

Yeah, they will eventually figure it out though. For a while, Comcast was advertising "1,000 HD Choices" when they had basically locals, ESPN, HBO, and HD Theater in HD, while DirecTV was pushing over 100 HD's, so they do like to tout VOD. However, hopefully the competition will force them to push more. With FIOS going MPEG-4, they will have incredible capacity, and U-Verse, while fundamentally crippled, does't have channels in the first place, so they can carry as many streams as they want. Not to mention satellite which has quite a bit of HD.