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Conan Kudo

Clinton, MS
reply to elefante72

Re: Nexus 4

Well, like all Verizon LTE phones, T-Mobile's subsidized Nexus 4 is SIM-unlocked. So there is that, at least.


East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS
Verizon devices can move the SIM because as part of the spectrum deal they HAD to allow it, not because they are good guys... Their phones are still carrier locked. You also can't go to another carrier because LTE is incompatible between carriers today.

The TMO N4, is truly unlocked, you can pop any SIM in there, from any carrier that supports the pentaband, and that means internationally also.

I have a Verizon 4g myfi. Never used it. $50 a month wasted (or at least my employer). I wanted to buy a new ipad and throw that SIM in there. Verizon wouldn't let me buy an ipad WITHOUT activating a plan, so I told them to screw. I went to the Apple store and bought a "Verizon" ipad, spent 3 minutes cutting the SIM, and voila I was now using data.

My point is that Verizon is still in their bad habits, because they shouldn't care if I use my 5GB data plan on a myfi or ipad, just that I am paying them every month. They want you to pay per device EVEN if it is unsubsidized (ipad)... I'm not going to pay for both, when the ipad can act as a hotspot if I need it.