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Arlington, TX

Internet Problems

Anyone else in Texas who lives in the North Richland Hills area having problems with Charter Internet?

I had about 5 techs come to my house to try to figure out what is wrong with my internet. I went from rewire to modem replacement. Charter techs have also serviced the line and did adjustments to replacing the Node.


Duncanville, TX
I know this last week or two my speeds have dropped. I'm on 30 meg and now I'm lucky if I get 20 to 21. I used to get around 50 at times. Now my ping times are fine and line quality looks good.


Arlington, TX
reply to GriggsC123
Well the problem I am having, that the last few techs told me was there was interference that is bumping my internet out. It normally happens during the prime time hrs, and it seems that the Line Techs can't figure the problem out.

reply to GriggsC123
Check the area for someone stealing cable using a coat hanger.
Yes..can't even use coax. It has happened near my work