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Re: I refuse...

I tried our local 6Meg Cable and its 1-2 at best with latency about the same as your average 3G or dial up connection.

I would ask to show me a decent and reliable wireless service before trying to force it. Give them a trial, launch large scale and give them the first 3 months free. If you think it will work great and all that, then that wouldn't be a problem would it? Wireless is great for providers I bet, but it really sucks for end users, when you get down to it. Although I think it would be great for extremely rural areas (isnt this is what sat is for?) but please don't be mistaken and think wireless is a great solution for everyone. Mobile yes, its ideal/convenient, people are spoiled. Even at home. Aren't we starting see this smart home thing? How are smart homes going to work well in the future, not. I can't even get a decent 3G connection on the ipad/safari in most areas. With that wireless you'll be blasting so much rad at folks they'll all be choking and spitting and sputting in no time! Haven't we already paid for the wireline/POTS/DSL times over, give it to the government, maybe they can keep it around and help these folks out.

Disclaimer: this is just my rambling, thanks for hearing my rant/opinion.