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CenturyLink DSL Downstream Rate

The pages on the CenturyLink web site that describe how to troubleshoot slow DSL speeds suggest checking the “internet speed”, using the Centurylink Speed Test Tool, and the “modem speed”, which is shown on the modem’s Connection Status page as the Downstream Rate. (Modem is Actiontec Q1000.) Does anyone know just where the value shown for the Downstream Rate comes from?

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North Las Vegas, NV
The downstream rate shown in the modem is the link speed negotiated between the modem and the DSLAM, and is the maximum rate you can achieve. It should be a little higher than the speed package you are paying for (like 11274k for a 10mb connection). It is affected by distance and line condition.

The CenturyLink speed test site should come close to your advertised speed and the connection rate reported by the modem, since it is on CenturyLink's network. Tests from other sites, like SpeakEasy, show the connection rate between you and the actual internet. In a congested or oversold area, the internet speed test will be lower than the CenturyLink speed test and the modem's connected rate.