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Re: TWC dallas just a matter of time before 8 ch. downstream?

business class is usually the only new plant being run, coax or fiber.

SLA is fiber.


Arlington, TX
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Finally got it this afternoon in 75063 on the 75/5 plan.

I noticed that TWC seems to be replacing cabling Arlington for some reason as I saw one section of ariel line have a spool hanging waiting for install and then I saw today a spool of Coax sitting next to an amp pedestal while on the way home from the grocery store. I wonder if this is being done so TWC can rollout faster upload speeds and they are replacing faulty or old cabling? I wonder if they are going to respace the upstream channels to 2 3.2MHz wide and 2 6.4MHz wide channels?

Sure it was coax and not fiber ? More likely to do node splits than overlay new coax.

well there has been a large number of nodes that have been split already in the area that I am mentioning and yes there are spools of fiber in some areas on the lines but no the spool was next to a amp pedestal and it looked like coax.