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Guelph, ON

voip.ms dial-out problem

I recently have a problem dialing out with my voip.ms account.

I tried to contact live chat but it's down.

After changing SIP/DID accounts, I have this peculiar situation:

I can dial out and receive calls except when I try to call at least two cell (smartphone) numbers. These two are on the Rogers network. When I try to dial either number, there is a BUSY signal even though the phones aren't being used.

The cell phones can call the voip number, though.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I can call (i.e. dial out) other numbers so far. At least, I tested a few so far.

I have no idea what tests I can run but it seems the problem of dialing out is so far, restricted or limited to these smartphone numbers. The only pattern or link I could think of is that they are on the same network.

Is there some issue which would prevent voip.ms dialing out to certain mobile networks or is it something else?


Saint-Hubert, QC
Do you have outgoing called ID set on something else than voip.ms DID?
By example if it's setup as one of those cell numbers and you try to call one of the cells, Rogers will see an incoming call from another network having a Rogers CID and might reject it.

reply to Ontarionet
Sometimes this can be remedied by a change in routing by Voip.ms. Open a trouble ticket with them. (Live Chat attempts are usually futile. I think their staff often gets overwhelmed with too many chat requests. I consider myself extremely lucky when I get a response to a Live Chat request, not just because it is so rare, but also because when it does happen their reps are usually extremely helpful).

reply to Ontarionet

This should be easily solved via ticket. Provide there the numbers you called. Our reps will find what carrier was used for those calls, and re-test, in any case any given carrier has issues reaching the numbers, we can re-route your calls only through a different one.

If there is already a ticket please send it to me via PM.

Peter Sahui - VoIP.ms