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Juana Diaz, PR
·Choice Cable TV
reply to rustypixel

Re: Storm door hinge decision

said by rustypixel:

Thanks for the continued replies. Printscreen. On the set up where the storm door is hinged oposite of the main door, do you have any issues getting to a good angle to lock/unlock the door? My one and only concern with that set up (my first image) is being able to shoulder the door open... fully open, to be able to lock/unlock. How does that factor in with you and your set up?
For those that have mentioned the wind, I'll definitely take notice the next time it's windy out.

Thanks again.

That particular door has the storm door inside as I said before but the entry door has a deadbolt without key on the inside (I hate needing a key to get out). It is actually a one hand and one foot movement that is done so quickly I don't pay attention to it. I just did it now paying attention to what exactly I do and is open the storm door with my left hand, hold the door with my left foot and then reach for the lock with my left hand. Sounds complex but takes less than one second to do. The storm door is wide open but against the wall, not making me get around the door in order to reach the entry door. Locking from inside involves holding the door by the handle with my left hand and locking the deadbolt with my right hand and the storm door resting in my left shoulder. Sounds complex but it isn't.

Going in it is way more practical in this way because you open the entry door to the left then enter the living room which is to the left also when you are goin in and the storm door opening to the right simply gets out of the way.

In your case, the entry door is inside and it opens to the left. When you are going out the storm door opens to the right and gets out of the way when going to the exterior walkway located to the left.


There is another thing to consider in your particular case. I am right handed but can do this kind of task equally well with either hand. For instance, when going in, although the lock is on the right side it is more comfortable for me to open with the key using the left hand. In your case, depending on your left hand dexterity, if you have to use your right hand (opposite to the lock) to open with a key then the opposite hinge arrangement will be harder to use. If you can use a key with your left hand hand equally well (assuming you are right handed) then the opposite arrangement is the best.