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Dr. Zoidberg

Elmhurst, NY
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reply to IowaCowboy

Re: CDMA is a better network

said by IowaCowboy:

I had AT&T for six years and their call quality is not that great. When I had Verizon back in Iowa, their call quality was comparable to a landline (my phone at the time was a Motorola V60c). AT&T's network seems to have call quality issues.

When I went back to Verizon, I was reminded of my days back in Iowa with the good service and excellent call quality.

Reason I had to deal with AT&T/Cingular: When I moved from Iowa to Mass, VZW had spotty coverage in the northeastern part of Springfield (MA) and zero to 1 bars at my residence. If they would have had network extenders back then, I would have gone the femtocell route.

I have a friend who had AT&T (for as long as he had his number) and recently moved to Verizon (just last weekend). I don't know how he ranks his move (I'm sure it's better for him) but his device pretty much stayed the same. He had an iPhone 4 on AT&T and now has iPhone 5 on Verizon (i mean "same" as in his user experience is the same, obviously he now has LTE).

All I can say is that his voice sounds more garbled to me now than it was before. Somehow, I heard his voice much clearer when he has AT&T (but he also had dropped calls). Now, he sounds just "okay." He's also in NYC (same as me). I have T-Mobile. I feel that folks on T-Mobile have the best sound/call quality (and this is without the HD-Voice that is being rolled out to certain devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3).

I have no complaints with what I got (Nexus 4). Speeds are near 22mbps down/3.5mbps up on my HSPA+ network. Latency is around 35ms.
I can only imagine what is going to happen when T-Mobile rolls out LTE.
AT&T's LTE doesn't hold water against my HSPA+ speeds. Verizon, from my cousin who is on Verizon LTE, is being throttled to a point where the max speeds are near 14-17mbps.

TL;DR: Move along; These are not the droids you were looking for.

"Look at me, I'm Dr. Zoidberg, homeowner."