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HDHomerun or Ceton Infinitv?

Has anyone successfully used a Ceton Infinitv or HDHomerun with a cablecard on Buckeye? I'm thinking of upgrading my mythtv box and grabbing a Ceton card (along with a cablecard from the local buckeye office). I want to be sure that all of the channels aren't set to DRM or CCI no-copy before I go through everything and drop $100 on a 2TB hard drive and whatever the price is for the card.


An anonymous mythtv user who happens to have buckeye cable....


I have a Ceton infintv setup x2 8 total tuners with media center externders for STBs. Almost all channels minus local are DRMed with copy once. I have not ran into a no copy in the 4 months I have had my setup. And I only watch HD channels so this might be the DRM issue.

I can say the HD picture quality is amazing x2 if not x5 better then any of their STBs. I have 16 TBs of storage and love the media center setup.

When you say they are copy-once, does that allow your Ceton/MythTV setup to view the channel? Are you using MythTV or Windows Media Center?

I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Ceton card and set it up (being well aware of the risks) and note that only a smattering (read: hit or miss) of HD channels (and even SD) come up. All locals come in, Food NetworkHD, TruTVHD and perhaps a few others. I have some "good" email addresses for Buckeye so I may inquire if it would be possible to have the CCI set to 0x00 (copy freely) and allow me to watch/record what I'm paying for.

I used to hook up to a STB via Firewire and it worked fine with MythTV (any channel could be recorded) but it monopolized the cable box, which is why I went with the Ceton.

If you'd like to email me privately, let me know.



reply to mythtv
I use media center... I have tried mythtv, nextPVR, XBMC they cannot record programs that require the TV card/HD channel, they are all copy once (you can playback only on the device or with extenders). Most if not all of the channels are DRMed.

The media center setup is awesome haven't had any issues, I also have 3 echos now for my own whole home DVR setup.

I have only ran into one channel thats copy freely (TNTHD) or then locals.

I keep crossing my fingers waiting for FiOS to come to Toledo or even time warner (i know this is never going to happen)

If you want to talk more PM me because im hardly on this site.