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Fairfax, VA
reply to guppy_fish

Re: Can't get an ethernet connection in a room with only coax

said by guppy_fish:

Your WAN has to be Ethernet as your on the 150/65 Mbps tier and only Ethernet can not go over ~100mbs, which is the limit of MOCA

Thanks, you are of course correct about 150/65 and MOCA. My initial FiOS install last month was TV: Ultimate, Internet: 75/35, and Phone. A few weeks later upgraded to Internet 150/65 ($5 per month more) to see what it was like. The VZ installer replaced router and added Ethernet cable from ONT to new Rev I router. From then on, when I spoke with VZ support they insisted that their system showed that I was provisioned over MOCA even though my speed was 150/65.

We found that TV Extreme HD covered all the channels that we watched so changed to Extreme ($25 per month less). While doing that I learned that in Northern VA if you have FiOS TV they only offer 150/65 to subscribers with TV Ultimate. But, if you don't have FiOS TV then you can get 150/65 for Internet only or with Phone. (Marketing strikes again or are they just trying to keep down bandwidth usage?)

With TV Extreme had to pick a slower Internet speed so went back to 75/35 and for my use it is more than adequate. After the change back to 75/35 my router and Ethernet cable remain unchanged.


Fairfax, VA
reply to mig288

Thanks for your post. I got Broadband disabled in my 2013-03-09 17:07:53 post which was part of problem. Working on knordrw's instructions now will post results.


Fairfax, VA
reply to knordrw
Thanks knordrw. Your post assured me that I was doing something wrong, since you have it working on a Rev I router.

Found my error. Although the Full Status / System wide Monitoring of Connections page showed that Broadband Connection Status was Disabled, I had not gone to the Broadband Connection (Ethernet/Coax) Properties page and on the line "Enable/Disable Coax Link:" clicked the Disable button and Applied the change.

That was all it took. After connecting the coax, only the LAN Coax Indicator lit. Now get ethernet connections in rooms with only coax.

Thanks ALL!!!


Fairfax, VA
reply to JimWalker
The reason that I wanted to have an Ethernet connection in a room with only coax was for my wife’s laptop Internet connection. She has a Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop that was upgraded to N wireless. The OS is Win 8 Pro running from an INTEL SSD. Below are the speed test results from her laptop which was located one floor above and 25’ horizontally from the MI424WR Rev I router. Home is split foyer with metal duct work between floors. The secondary router is also a MI424WR Rev I and both have 40.20.1 firmware. FiOS TVs were off and no DVR recordings were being done during tests. Results shown are averages of three tests rounded to nearest Mbps.
FiOS Service 75/35:
- Wireless connection 49/38
- Ethernet connection to Primary router 85/39
- Ethernet connection to MoCA Bridge router 85/39
FiOS Service 150/65 Mbps:
- Ethernet connection to Primary router 159/69
Before trying FiOS 150/65 Mbps, had a MI424WR Rev G router. As I recall her wireless download speed was a little over 16 Mbps. Can’t retest because Vz took back router when Rev I installed.

Woodbridge, VA
Either get a better wireless router or a better wireless card in the laptop. I'm on the 150/65 tier and using a wired connection to my laptop I get 155/70 speeds. Using the wireless connection I get 150/70 speeds. Of course I had to use the proper channel to get me those speeds. Only one channel gave me those speeds, the other ones were still easily faster than 100Mb/s but did not reach 150Mb/s throughput like channel 40 did.
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Fairfax, VA
reply to aaronwt

Re: Can't get an ethernet connection in a room with only coax


Thanks for the info/recommendation, but it is not worth it to us to pay for FiOS TV Ultimate to get the extra Interent speed of 150/65 (see my earlier posts on TV / Internet bundling in my area).

The LAN MoCA bridge is working great for us at 75/35 and there is one less wireless network competing for channels in our neighborhood.