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Scarborough, ON
·Rogers Hi-Speed

How is the built in router in HT502

Has anybody tested the built in router performance of the Grandstream HT502 ATA ?
I know it's not recommended to use the built in router but I have a customer who really wants to have an ATA like that and I know the SPA210x performance is rather poor, I wonder if the HT502 is the same.
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Gershom 1624
I've liked Grandstream's good old 286.


I had the 486 a few years ago, which AFAIK is similar to the 502 in terms of a router.

IIRC and FWIW, the router/firewall controls on the 486 were much less sophisticated than you would have on a "real" router, and the throughput speed was disappointing.

Also, the whole darn thing burned out on me. It started malfing and then a few days later was totally fried and gone. Again, this was the 486.


Porter, TX
reply to toro
There's definitely a lack of speed testing with regards to this ATA in the NAT mode. I only came up with one thread where the user only saw about 50% reduction in speed (max of 30-40Mbs), which was significantly better than the SPA2102 maximum speed of 7Mbs.

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San Jose, CA
reply to toro
I have ht-503 and I am using their router. ( does not work behind dd-wrt directly or with their sip proxy). I do not see any performance issue. But I only have 15 mb comcast line.


reply to toro
Does anyone have any information about the quality of other routers in ATAs like the SPA122 and OBi202?

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Castle Rock, CO
reply to toro
I have this ATA/router and I’d say its performance is pretty sh*tty. While I wouldn’t put anything I cared about behind it, I have a non-standard configuration at home and the device that sits behind it relies on its NAT and can’t do more than 10Mbps. The rest of my network is behind a GigE firewall/router and does not have this limitation. That said though, I have not done any legitimate performance testing of this device so please take the above with a grain of salt.