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Vonage Calling Card Fraud

Please be careful when trying to by the Vonage Calling Cards. The information provided is totally confusing and they never respond back to your mails or questions online.

When I was trying to register for the same, it told that if I add $25, I will get $10 bonus and calling rates to India will be 1.7 cents instead of 2.4 cents. Although I got the $10 bonus upon adding $25, the calling rates are still 2.4 cents.

When I tried calling, it took me almost 15-20 minutes to get to the right department and they told that I did not understand the information correctly.

They neither want to refund back my money nor give me 1.7 cents per min call rate.

I will never again take Vonage again...
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Farmington, MI
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Re: Vonage Calling Card Fraud

I looked at the site and saw the 1.7¢ rate to India, too. The text was confusing. If the OP was actually told by a CSR that he had to put in X, and after doing so he was still not on the 1.7¢ rate, then yeah, he was mislead.

The site is here: »lp.vonage.com/callingcard and if you select India it says (for the 1.7¢ rate): "Bonus Rate w/$25 purchase* +$10 credit" (where the asterisk just states "*Discounted from standard rates").

So, do you have to add $25, $35, or something else? If being walked through, on the phone by a CSR, and you do what they say to get the discount rate and you STILL don't get it, then I can see being bitter.