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Iowa native
Springfield, MA
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Snowblower trouble

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Used the snowblower today to clear heavy wet snow (the kind I won't let my 57 year old mother touch for fear she'll have a heart attack). The chute just kept clogging. That is not the issue I'm concerned about.

Snowblower is a 2008 Craftsman snowblower with the MTD Chinese made engine. When I start it the motor surges. When I leave the choke on, it runs smoothly but if I turn the choke off, it surges.

Pardon the funny voice, autistic individuals (like myself) tend to have speech impediments.

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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
Lean mixture, vacuum leak, intake gasket, dirty jet,...


Annapolis, MD
reply to IowaCowboy
Did it have fuel stored in it over the summer? Probably varnish in the carb gumming things up. I'd start by adding some fuel system cleaner to the tank and running it through. If that doesn't do it, the carb will probably need to be taken apart and cleaned.

Next time it's going to be stored for an extended period, run all the fuel out of it, or add sta-bil to the tank. Be sure to run the engine for a while after adding the sta-bil so the fuel in the carburetor is treated as well.

Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
said by PSWired:

Did it have fuel stored in it over the summer?

OP lives in Massachusetts. March probably isn't the first time that he's pulled it out this year.

Cho Baka
reply to IowaCowboy
Sounds like a carb issue.

Old and Cranky
Cortland, OH
reply to IowaCowboy
Is the governor spring still attached??? Sounds to me like a governor problem. Detached spring, broken spring, bent arm, etc.


Pierrefonds, QC
reply to cdru
said by cdru:

OP lives in Massachusetts. March probably isn't the first time that he's pulled it out this year.

Neither is march necessarily the first time this season he has this problem.


I had the symptoms you are describing on my Craftsman SB, but with the Briggs engine, built in USA. I was using this crap ethanol blended fuel, with the requisite storage additive. But, did not drain the carb when I stored it. Second year of use, it was stuttering, popping and would only stay running if I played with the throttle and kept the choke at least, partially on.

Was out to see my Polaris dealer on another matter and telling him my woes. He suggested their Polaris Carbon Clean fuel additive for their sleds. Said to put double what it says on the bottle, into the tank, run it for 15mins and let it sit overnight. Then, run it the next day (and put some of the Carbon Clean in my gas can). Did what he recommended, and the next day, it fired up, was popping and stuttering as usual, then, it just quit misfiring and ran like a champ. Still is, 2 yrs later.

Personally, I cannot be bothered to fool around with draining carbs on 17 pieces of small engine stuff, after everytime I use it. So, I found a source of AV gas, and have been using it the last 2 yrs. No more troubles after dispersing with the ethanol blend fuel.

Also, the Polaris guy said that ethanol blend will almost immediately start to go stale in plastic gas cans, and in a week is essentially crap (his opinion). I would tend to believe him after his stories of sled repairs, attributable to fuel issues.

So, buy premium (no ethanol in it here) and store it in a metal gas can. Occasional use of Polaris Carbon Clean too. Thats what has fixed things for me. And, fyi, 17 pieces of small engine equipment, is not a typo. The CC and AV gas fixed all running issues I was having with those that were giving troubles.