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Livermore, CA
reply to gate1975mlm

Re: [X1] Xfinity X1 now available to New Customers in Philly!

said by gate1975mlm:

All 3 of my X1 DVR's get so laggy and slow at random times especially in the evening. Some examples clicking on DVR recordings is so slow and takes sometimes a few minutes for the info and watch button to display. Also deleting recordings also takes a few minutes before they are deleted if at all. Also have seen the channel logos get stuck on the screen with no video and just sound when changing channels. Also fast forwarding sometimes gets stuck. Also set recording not being recorded sometimes.

This seems to have been happening ever since I had the X1 boxes installed back on January.25,2013

Anyone else here have lots of issues like this?

I had a Comcast tech here at the house yesterday and they replaced a wire in the back yard. They said it was all chewed up and had water in it thanks to the F-ing squirrels. And the tech said this was most likely the reason for all the boxes being laggy. Well the lag was back again last night so the new wire did not help the issue at all.

Is comcast aware of these laggy issues with the X1 boxes.

I am in the Philadelphia area and was thining maybe there is a problem with the network in this area?

When the X1 box is working fast without the slowness I like it a lot but I am seeing way to many times during the day when the bosx gets so laggy and slow it hard to use it without wantingto throw the remote into the tv.

I have the same exact issues, literally. Yesterday night it was 5 minutes before 8 and I wanted to record American Idol since I had some other stuff to do, the recording confirmation didn't pop up until like 3 minutes into the show, seriously?