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New York, NY

Tech Support won't fix my Simultaneous Ring

Help! I can't get Tech Support to fix my Simultaneous Ring.

It was fixed about a month ago from an online chat but then stopped working again.

I had another online chat with Tech Support a week ago and was told that the techies would have to change the routing on my line. A few days ago I got an email and voicemail asking if the problem was fixed. It isn't. I emailed back and was told to call in so they could trace the routing. I called in, waited on hold and was told that no Level 2 folks were available to help me. They would call back. They haven't.

I initiated two online chats today but both timed out after waiting in the queue until I was #1. The chat told me to send a message.

HELP! Get this fixed already. I don't have time to babysit this issue forever. The ticket number appearing in the last e-mail was 1420478-6596.

New York, NY

While PP Tech Support did call me a few hours after I posted here the problem is still not fixed FOUR days later. On Friday they ran a trace to test the routing and said they would continue to work on the problem. Today is Tuesday and still nothing.

I reported this problem to PP a week before posting so it's been 1.5 weeks and still this can't get fixed. I don't understand why.


reply to nycityny

The technician who originally worked your chat is currently working with out routing group to get the problem resolved. We have made an adjustment that should provide you with a temporary solution while we work on the problem on our side.