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Broadway, NC
reply to skeechan

Re: 7 day a week package delivery

said by skeechan:

The problem with USPS delivery is no one is interested in "It'll get there when it gets there" service or their horrible lack of reliable tracking. In my small business I tried to use the flat rate box service and it took 10 weeks to deliver a 30LB box from SoCal to Texas. How do you lose a 30LB priority mail box? Despite tracking and signature required, it never showed up on tracking and I never got proof of delivery. I only knew it got there when my customer finally let me know.

That was the last time I will ever consider the USPS for any shipping needs.

You do realize that UPS and FedEx use the USPS for package deliveries in undeserved/remote areas because it is too expensive for them to do that themselves?
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Services like UPS Mail Innovations are for bulk shippers that don't care when their stuff gets to where it is supposed to get to and UPS/Fedex do all the work of sorting and transport until the last mile. In exchange they get a cheaper rate. It has nothing to do with remote areas. UPS would still deliver there, just not with the UPS Mail Innovations level of "It'll get there whenever" service. I have received stuff shipped via Mail Innovations and I'm certainly not in a remote area.

Those partnerships aren't about UPS or Fedex not delivering to every zip code, but a slower and cheaper service than UPS or Fedex Ground...a service for bulk shippers like those of catalogs.

Even then it is completely irrelevant. I was shipping a priority mail parcel to Waco, TX and it took 10 weeks. I don't care what planet yer on, that is insane. The USPS can't be trusted with time critical anything.