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Odenton, MD

[DVR] Multiroom DVR and HD DVR/STB: Am I Being Billed Correctly?

I would like some help confirming I'm being billed correctly. I went round and round with a couple VZ CSR reps who became a bit rude with me due to me asking a number of questions.

I have the following:

Two Cisco CHS 435HDC
One Cisco CHS 335HDC

My bill states the following:

Multi-Room DVR Package - 2 Room $31.98
High Definition DVR Rental - $16.99

Is this correct? Maybe I'm not understanding correctly, but it seems to me that the HD DVR rental is wrongs and it should really be a STB rental and I should be charged 11.99 a month instead of 16.99 per month? Or am I billed correctly since I can access recordings on other boxes throughout the house?

Thanks for any clarification you can provide. Also, I live in MD if that makes any pricing difference.


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Malden, MA

Re: [DVR] Multiroom DVR and HD DVR/STB: Am I Being Billed Correc

Multi-Room DVR Package = 1 435HDC and 1 335HDC ($31.98)
HD DVR Rental = 1 435HDC ($16.99)

The Multi-Room DVR package includes one HD DVR and x number of STBs. You could save a little money and go with a Multi-Room DVR Package for 3 rooms for $39.99. It would give you 1 HD DVR and 2 STBs

You are being billed correctly. No comment on whether the prices Verizon charge for these under-featured Cisco devices is worth it or not
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