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Whistler, BC
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Re: getting the most out of bb50 or more via wifi

kevinds no i can not set it to 40 only, pretty sure because it has to be able to fall back to 20 in case of interference ect, as for ruiners comment what does me mean i may need extra ap, apartment or am i dumb? im confused lol

also say i was running broadband 100 on this same line, what would my wireless speeds hit with these devices with no hardware upgrades, and then how much better would the speeds be with a nice dual band say like a dir 857 with 900mb of theorical wireless bandwidth, would all my devices that had the matching hardware to achieve this connection be able to hit close to 100 megs?

ill be using a macbook to backup about 40 gigs a week wirelessly, getting this and other similar jobs done asap is essential to me.

i looked into enable channel bonding on the macbook, they dont allow it on a 2.4 ghz band, only 5, wich is making me want a better router, tho i dont wanna loose my 100% signal strength i have right now on the 2.4 band how much worse is the signal loss on 5 ghz

Calgary, AB
If you were running BB100, I would expect you to get the same wireless performance you get now.

Dual-Band router may assist, I the 5.8 has much lower 'range' because it doesn't travel through solid-objects as well, but also helps with less interfance and higher speeds.

If you can disconnect the power from your slower devices, it may help your router not have to fall-back to 20 MHz, speeding things up, maybe connecting at closer to 300 instead of 130. If your Macbook won't bond 2.4, this really doesn't matter though.

If you get a dual-band router, you won't lose the 2.4, you will be adding the 5.8, so you would be providing both at the same time in your place. - No device will use both at the same time, but they can use whichever is better.

In my opinion, trying to get faster than the 30-40 you currently get wirelessly, isn't worth the investment, if you need the extra speed for something, plug in for that period of time.
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