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Re: Where is the evidence?

That thinking is illogical, even for Wall Street. If you make $10 off of DSL, and $100,000 off of wireless, you make $110,000. If you get rid of DSL, you only make $100,000. Even AT&T's own stupid ads would make the choice simple: more is better. Thus, this whole thing makes no sense. I could see it becoming unprofitable in some areas that are 100% built out with cable, since everyone would switch to cable, and the service density would be low, but if there is no cable option, everyone would have DSL, be trapped with slow, crappy service, and AT&T isn't investing in new technology, so it would be a cash cow. Heck, they could raise the rates, the if the customers have no option, then they would have to pay them.

Granted, AT&T's entire model makes no sense, as they are basically giving up in markets with cable, as U-Verse is already at the end of it's life, as cable cranked up the heat on bandwidth, but given AT&T's current model of keeping copper around, the markets without a cable competitor would be the BEST markets for AT&T, as their strategy doesn't work when they have a cable company that actually has bandwidth to compete against, but it works great when they are the only game in town.

I wonder how long it will take for AT&T either to split off it's wireline division or FINALLY realize that GPON FTTH is the future?

Monticello, NY
Except they want profit *now*. Long term profits are a thing of the past for the majority of corporations.

Why bother wiring up and giving service and support to hundreds of homes in an area when you can wire up a couple towers that will service those same houses. Oh and don't forget that with these towers we can provide worse service, with more limitations, for the same or higher prices! It's a win-win-win for the shareholders right now who won't be around when it backfires down the road.


For fiber, yes, that's the problem, it's because their attention span is about that of a 2-year-old, and their cognitive ability is less, but for existing DSL system, they ALREADY have them. There is no reason to get rid of them.

The short term thinking on fiber is also a management issue, as they need to tell the shareholders why it is so important, because they are obviously stupid. AT&T should have started 5 years ago building GPON in their more populous markets, and then started overbuilding in places they aren't an incumbent, with plans to, within 10-15 years, cover 100% of their customers with GPON.