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Re: community broadband is communist

There are a lot of good things about communism that have nothing to do with business, like providing medical care and drugs to people that need them without driving burying them in bills, or refusing them treatment, unless you think providing people with healthcare should be considered a business and not something normally provided by the state anyway.

This is a typical knee-jerk response you normally hear from Republican talking heads. If there was adequate service and reasonable fees, there would be no need for alternatives. I blame Capitalism for that. No offense, but the drive to prevent competition and force everyone to pay the same exorbitant prices for services is almost Communism in practice anyway, that is what preventing choices does. One religion, one store, one provider. Sounds like China to me.


Mississauga, ON
Dude, that's called socialism, or something else since there's so many terms out there.
Definitely not communism.