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Max Turbo Possible

So I called ATT yesterday to see if Max Turbo was available at my location, I am currently on the 18mbps. They told me it was not and I then inquired about my distance, they gave me a number of 1975ft. Does this seem like it should qualify?


To qualify for the 24Mbps speed you would need to be on the 32M Uverse VDSL2 profile. You can check your profile here » or with »
Your better off just relaxing until ATT begins to offer profile upgrades across the board with new technology and tech visits, as it isn't very likely that you can get the 32M profile right now with an estimated loop length of 1900ft.

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Yes, you can be on 32m profile - which makes you eligible for max24 w/ a loop length 2000ft. Unplug your modem, call the tech support line, get a tech out to do the upgrade.. people on the phone are one step above useless. (barely useful?)

For best service, run a cat5 from your telephone box to your modem location if you don't have one already & have the tech terminate both ends.

A tech gets 1 hour on a repair ticket for/including & not limited to: calling you, safety, gathering/cleaning up supplies/tools, asking you wtf is the problem, oh... and actually repairing the issue! Your existing wire will most likely work... You doing it will give the tech time to run tests/monitor versus slapping it together - and on to the next one. Plus its easier, when you have a direct high-quality wire, to get outside problems fixed if any arise.


Thanks for the info deathstar, I appreciate it. My modem is currently connected to the old normal phone jack. If a tech comes out will they replace the jack with CAT5 like you said or is that something Im responsible for?



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If you request it a tech will. They may have to charge you $99. Have a tech do it if you don't feel saavy enough. GL!

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As Forosnai suggested, uvrealtime or the DSL details page has info we need. You need a Max User Rate of at least 42000 or so to get the 32mbps profile the allows you to order 24mbps service. The UV Realtime will suggest the 32/5 profile if it thinks your line is good enough for it.

If you have the capacity, contact a tech on AT&T Direct and ask them to try switching you to the 32mbps profile.

If it's not that high, you may be able to improve it by upgrading your inside wiring. Before going through the work of permanently running a CAT5 line, I'd try connecting the modem directly into the test jack in the NID (if possible) to see if there's an improvement. If the line isn't good enough at the test jack, doing a home run won't help. Good luck.
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