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Whistler, BC
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Re: getting the most out of bb50 or more via wifi

alright, today i did some more wireless testing, and got some surprising results, you see the laptop i was using to test wired, i don't use it wireless, ever, mainly because ive learned that my laptops wireless adapter causing unnecessary dpc lag spikes and i thought today might be a better day to test wireless while my network is not under load (im only one home on it, apple tv connected doing nothing, aswell as 3 pc laptops including mine not using the intenet just waiting for me to speed test between em

the first thing that amazed me was when i tested my laptop wireless about 1 foot from the router, i got amazing results almost the same as wired »speedtest.net/result/2562524931. ··· 4931.png at this point i realized my low download test speeds were related to my router being bogged down, and or connection interference, im leaning towards connection interference tho i did only get these great results when i had no more then 4 devices hooked upto the router

take a look at these results tho

my dell xps laptop wired (all these tests will be via chrome) »speedtest.net/result/2562515070. ··· 5070.png

my dell 1 foot from router
»speedtest.net/result/2562524931. ··· 4931.png

my dell 6-8 feet from router

test 1: »speedtest.net/result/2562566992. ··· 6992.png

test 2: »speedtest.net/result/2562528074. ··· 8074.png

NEVER HIT BELOW 40, NUMEROUS TESTS OVER AND OVER! my dell must have a good wifi card

i was very happy with these results, so i weant to go grab the HP dv6 to do some tests on it again, and i got some suprising results

wireless 1 ft from router (all these tests will be via IE)
»speedtest.net/result/2562536945. ··· 6945.png

»speedtest.net/result/2562545264. ··· 5264.png

6 or 7 feet from router on my lap
bad test: »speedtest.net/result/2562543999. ··· 3999.png

good test: »www.speedtest.net/result/2562584 ··· 4422.png

5 feet from router on floor
»speedtest.net/result/2562549047. ··· 9047.png

»www.speedtest.net/result/2562592 ··· 2827.png

i think what this tells me is that interference and or weak wireless adapters is causing my problem, that and the fact that my router probably wouldnt have any interference if i was dual band, but i question if the devices wifi cards could handle higher speeds, other then my dell

the only problem i think my d link is giving is the fact it should be connecting with wireless 300 but i havnt seen more then 130, im curious what i would get on bb100 connected to same router wireless over the same 130mb connection long post wouldnt be suprised if i confused some people so if u have any questions let me know

Calgary, AB
Unless you're on a promo for BB50, try BB100 for a couple weeks? Its $10/more per month a week's test would cost what $2.50 more
Yes, I am not employed and looking for IT work. Have passport, will travel.


Whistler, BC
this is on my to do list but im on promotion for bb50 like u said, + already have note made on my shaw account i get to try bb100 for free for 1 day when my promo is up