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reply to La Luna

Re: PUP Crap


Ahh, Thanks & sorry about the confusion ! It was due to SAS stating only up to W7 on the link i gave. I wonder why it says that ?

Hilo, HI

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reply to norwegian
said by norwegian:

It would be unsafe due to the file tree/directories/code of Win 7 not being the same and I doubt running in XP mode on Win 7 would really give you the protection you require.

DiamondCS had just succeeded in getting ProcessGuard beta version to work with Vista when the company's owner suddenly disappeared. No more work was done on PG. Microsoft changed some things for tighter security, starting with Vista, that made it necessary to do considerable work on PG if it was to work beyond XP. On XP, it runs at Intel's ring 0 as part of the kernel. Microsoft was not allowing that on Vista and beyond. So, trying to use it in XP mode would not work. Plus, the driver runs with DEP on but the GUI does not and past XP you want all programs to use hardware DEP.

It is disquieting to hear that WinPatrol let it through.

I would suggest NoVirusThanks EXE Radar Pro be considered. There is a free version and the Pro version is only $19.95 for a lifetime license. There is a 70 page thread at Wilders. My reluctance to install it is only because they don't have their own forum. (The Wilders thread is linked to on their site). Wilders folks love it (but I have not read the thread in awhile...I imagine they still love it though).

»www.novirusthanks.org/product/ex ··· dar-pro/
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Lyndhurst, NJ
reply to wowwtfakasdf
said by wowwtfakasdf :

THat whole site you posted

is full of trojans!

Every single freaking widget!


Emsisoft's Surf Protection is automatically blocking that site from loading. Something is got to be going on there.
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