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Re: [AZ] Recently upgraded to Premier and Docsis 3.0

Call in to Tech Support and ask them to change your Internet service code to the new Doc3 Premiere service code.

It is a billing/account service code issue.


Tucson, AZ
Thank you! I will give this a shot and post back. I guess I just assumed it would do this during the automatic provision process.


Chandler, AZ
reply to Anonguy
I spoke with 3 different tech support agents over the phone. None of them knew what I was talking about changing the service code. you have to speak with the sales dept for them to change it. for some reason tech support does not have that capability.


Tucson, AZ
I just got off the phone with cox tech support and was lucky enough to get someone who knew exactly what I needed done, 5 minutes later and now I'm hitting 65 down and 12 up


Phoenix, AZ

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reply to Anonguy
Thanks for this post. I too was stuck at about 30ish down. Tech Support changed my service code. As you mentioned, they didn't have my service set to premiere docsis 3.

EDIT: I still seem to be capped consistently between 30-32mbps down, but upload is way better--something like 20mbps, and the perceived (didn't notice high ping times or packet loss) browsing latency has disappeared. I still see some channels aren't in use on my modem, so I might need to reboot the modem again or call Support tomorrow.

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