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Noob question

I'm not completely dumb with computers but, I'm not so good with them either

Basically my story is, my friend killed a guy on this game and took his stuff, when he asked for his stuff back we said no. Now he keeps DDoSing us and stressing our internet and it's getting really annoying and my dad is mad at me and everything. How do I set up a good enough VPN to block his attacks or like is there a way to redirect it back him?

Help please

VPNs are about secure communications over an insecure communications medium, like
the internet. Nothing else. Period.

(D)DOS attacks are best referred to your provider or the police to deal with. Call them
up or return this guy's stuff to him. Quit seeking a technological solution to your life


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reply to Avolitionn
Hi there,

I think the point Hellfire is trying to make is that your Dad has every right to be upset. He is paying for a computer connection that due to some actions you and your friends have taken is disrupting his paid service.

Furthermore in the scheme of things what does this silly game have to do with
a. homework
b. real life
c. fresh air and exercise
d. a job and earning money

It seems like the gaming thing has overtaken more important things and its time to rethink the priorities. My apologies if this appears to be a lecture, just trying to help you move in the right direction. I see that you like computers and gaming so why not do somethign productive like learning how to program in C# for example.

Most new routers by the way have a DOS capability such as the asus n65U I picked up with a friend the other day.
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