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Upper Marlboro, MD
reply to Vamp

Re: Horrible youtube speeds

said by Vamp:

said by Bytezboy:

720p videos stall on fios while it's blazing fast on Verizon LTE.

Same experience here as posted above... I NEVER at any time have any issues with 480, 720 or 1080p when I tether 4G to laptop.. I switch back to FIOS and it will be sporadic and not even stream 240p on random videos at random times of the day/night.

I have the same experience as well. Never had a problem watching youtube videos on my Verizon 4G LTE phone.

I guess Verizon Wireless uses different google servers.


New York, NY
Verizon Wireless actually uses a different backbone and is totally separate from FiOS (separate company as well). In NYC, VZW uses Level 3 for its backbone.