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Clinton, NJ
reply to Rob

Re: [Rant] Comcast Is Greedy As Hell

After Hurricane Sandy we were out for ~2 weeks in my part of NJ while electric was out ~3 days. Some folks were out significantly longer. Comcast indeed issued credits with even no fuss. Imagine having triple play and some premiums tallying up to $120+/mo. Based on the logic of some here, "act of God, no credits should be issued" then those subscribers who were out that long should eat the ~$60 even though the problem wasn't theirs.

Sure, some outages are not preventable. But if there were NO consequence for outages (ie: service credits) then why should Comcast or any other company bother to fix issues at all? There would actually be an incentive for NOT providing service -- get paid for nothing. Hmm... Now that sounds like a sweet deal! Zero costs, pure profit.

When my DirecTV dish's LNB died they gleefully offered credit for the downtime while I awaited a tech dispatch. Now *that's* great customer service and goes a huge way toward building & maintaining customer goodwill. What a quaint concept... *sigh*