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John Galt
Forward, March
Happy Camp

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reply to Jim_in_VA

Re: Hotspot Calculator Spreadsheet

said by Jim_in_VA:

I'm wondering how you get paid after offering free service to the manager. I assume these are weekender folks. I have a RV site in mind in my local

This campground is packed from May 1 to September 30. Even though the spreadsheet indicates 225 users, that is the number of camp spaces. Actual potential devices exceeds that number.

I don't see much difference for your situation with regard getting paid if you have the RV space capacity to accommodate enough users. The manager doesn't have to do anything, generally speaking, since the billing controller takes care of all of that. Users just log on and pay online.

As the spreadsheet indicates, my OPEX costs are just $95 per month.

The key to success is low-cost bandwidth. In my case I am using a commercial account that costs $65 per month for 30/4 with 100/4 if I want it for $199. No issues with the TOS...customer service says this is the specific intent for this type of account. The provider is very stable here...short of a major power outage, they have been great for 6 years.

The controller takes care of shaping, P2P protocol blocking, and I use OpenDNS to deal with various content issues. Each account is allocated 1.5/256.
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I'm not too sure I understand how to answer your question per the spreadsheet and values you have, BUT, I can provide some feedback as far as wifi hotspot access I just paid for myself.

I just went on a cruise in the caribbean for a week on a Carnival ship.
They had wifi plans, only for sat internet (aka slower than slow)

1. Pay as you go: $0.75/minute
2. 45 minutes: $29.99
3. 120 minutes $59.99

I can't recall the larger plans, they did have a 250 minute plan and a 500 minute plan I think. I would consider myself a heavy user, also I had business to conduct. I first purchased two 45 minute slots, after blowing through them both, I upped my 3rd purchase to the 120 minute package.

So I spent a total of $120 for about 3.5 hrs of slow sat internet usage on a cruise.


Cobbs Creek, VA
wow, pricey to say the least, and to not get a virus while on board is a plus
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