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Re: Hotspot Calculator Spreadsheet

I'm not too sure I understand how to answer your question per the spreadsheet and values you have, BUT, I can provide some feedback as far as wifi hotspot access I just paid for myself.

I just went on a cruise in the caribbean for a week on a Carnival ship.
They had wifi plans, only for sat internet (aka slower than slow)

1. Pay as you go: $0.75/minute
2. 45 minutes: $29.99
3. 120 minutes $59.99

I can't recall the larger plans, they did have a 250 minute plan and a 500 minute plan I think. I would consider myself a heavy user, also I had business to conduct. I first purchased two 45 minute slots, after blowing through them both, I upped my 3rd purchase to the 120 minute package.

So I spent a total of $120 for about 3.5 hrs of slow sat internet usage on a cruise.


Cobbs Creek, VA
wow, pricey to say the least, and to not get a virus while on board is a plus
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