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Sacramento, CA

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Re: Looking for soundbar that can be controlled by Comcast remot

said by BobBass:

WOW! Thanks for the quick reply and advice.

The Yamaha is one that I was considering. All we're looking for is to add a little "oomph" and CLARITY to the sound of our new Samsung 46" UNES7100 LED. There are a bunch of soundbars out there.

Yamaha codes are indeed listed under "Setup Codes for Audio Amps & Receivers" in the Comcast remote manual.

I hate to be a dummy, but you're saying I would program the AUX button to control a Yamaha sound device and then do the "Global Unlock" process?

Yes program whatever Yamaha code works (works best) to AUX.

You may have to try a few of the code listed. Check that power works for both on and off, I've encountered Yamaha receivers that only respond to the power button on the Comcast remote as a "Power On" command not a power toggle (i.e. on/off).

However, the global unlock actually basically undoes the punch-through I was referring to.

I forgot the Comcast manual for the remotes is actually really terribly written and doesn't tell you how to change the global volume lock device.

Here's the instructions for setting the volume to AUX:

Setting Global Volume Lock
Global Volume Lock will force the volume and mute keys to be controlled by one device.
1.Press and hold the "Setup" key until a device key blinks twice.
2.Type in the code 993. A device key should blink twice.
3.Press and release the device key for the device you want the volume locked to. (in this case AUX)
4.You will get two blinks if the lock is successful.