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Springfield, IL
reply to SpHeRe31459

Re: Looking for soundbar that can be controlled by Comcast remot

said by SpHeRe31459:

The only obnoxious thing with Samsung TVs is that if the soundbar learns your TV's volume codes and then you turn your TV's internal speakers off (which is normal when you have a soundbar or receiver) the Samsung will then display a "TV audio off" every time you press vol/up down.
So with a Samsung TV it's usually better to use the soundbar's own vendor codes (if possible).

OR, you can just use ANY (other) code for the volume adjustment, under the (CC) AUX key, then prog it into the soundbar via the learn feature. Again, with a learning soundbar, you basically never have to worry about (future) codes, since it learns directly from whatever remote you're using.

FYI, a couple months ago, WOOT had Boston Acoustics refurbed TV25's f/$145, delivered; got one & works great.

Sacramento, CA
Right so even if you pick another TV brand you'll still have to configure the AUX device and AUX volume punch-through on the Comcast remote... So the instructions I posted are still useful...