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John Galt
Forward, March
Happy Camp
reply to Rhaas

Re: Hotspot Calculator Spreadsheet

The maximum length of stay permitted is 14 days. There is no way to know what the churn is. My guess is that most people are on trips and stay at more than one campground along the coast during their travels.

There is a lot of day use there also, so that is the reason for the shorter times. We have had at-length discussions about the pricing and are pretty committed to the rate schedule. Another thing is that Node1 serves another area not indicated on the image. That site is primarily day-use only.

The gear for the PtP will be UBNT NanoBridge M5-25. One end is at 282 ft. and the other at 40 ft. MSL. Path length is 6.63 miles.
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Bernie, MO
Is the entire path over water? The M5 should do OK.

My guess is that You are going to see a lot of 4-8 hour periods in the day use area and a lot of the 24 hour periods in the camping area. However my gut says that you are leaving money on the table by not having a 2-3 day option that would cover an entire weekend.

I say go with it, but keep everything flexible until you can get your own data and adjust from there.
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