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Re: Replace TP valve or water heater?

From your description it is impossible to know for sure if the problem was with the PTRV itself or over temp or over pressure. The fact the valve stopped leaking tends to indicate it is working correctly. However under normal circumstances the valve will only open for a little while to lower temperature or relieve pressure.

Make sure the temperature setting is not too high, or water pressure is high. Well pressure is typically in the 50-60psi range town water somewhat higher. Often times municipal systems will install a regulator at the meter to reduce pressure.

Given the age of the water heater I agree with the other posters time to replace it. If the system is on town water think about installing an expansion tank. That gives expanding water a place to go. Since water is nearly incompressible, but does expand with temperature, without a tank it does not take much increase in volume to produce a dramatic increase in pressure.

Since you have been able to practice on the old tank replacing it with a new one should be a piece of cake.