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King P
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Murfreesboro, TN

AT&T is full of crap

Unless you have active service with AT&T, they won't unlock your phone at all. How do I know? I've bought two devices, off-contract, directly from AT&T to use on pre-paid carriers (that use the AT&T network) but since I am not (and never have been) an AT&T subscriber, they can't help me.

This exact situation is why we need to force these jackasses to unlock devices, if they have been paid for in full. Jerks.
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Portage, IN
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reply to King P
I haven't had AT&T service since early 2010. I did have an iPhone 3GS that I bought brand new on launch day in June of 2009, but I unlocked it (back then there was a software tool to do it) and sold it to someone being deployed overseas in December of 2009.

However, I have since purchased two secondhand iPhones (one 3GS off Craigslist and a 4 from a co-worker) that were never tied to my account. For both phones I have contacted AT&T, provided my old phone number and billing password along with the device serial numbers, and within an hour (the iPhone 4) to 4 days (the iPhone 3GS), I had a full unlock.

So, you don't have to have active AT&T service, as long as you've EVER had AT&T service they seem to be more than happy to unlock the phones.