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Allentown, PA

[VOD] Fast forward VOD different from recorded programming?

When we watch a recorded show on the TIVO, we can hit fast forward and then use the skip-30 button to jump to a white line on the time bar and skip large sections of the show.

Last night we were watching a VOD movie and the movie exited (on it's own) about 3/4 of the way through. When we went back to it again from the menu, it started from the beginning. I used fast forward but then the skip button wouldn't jump forward like it does with recorded TV. The white lines were there on the time bar, but I couldn't jump to them. It took something like ten minutes to fast forward to where we were in the movie.

Is there a reason this functionality doesn't exist in VOD?


I think there is quite a bit more that doesn't work the same. The instant replay button doesn't work, and I also think there is only one speed of fast forward...and it's also very slow to respond to the rewind and fast forward buttons.

While the interface is made to look like the Tivo (which is a nice touch), it seems the actual functionality has remained virtually unchanged from how the original RCN On Demand functioned.