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Louisville, KY
·AT&T U-Verse
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AT&T in Kentucky......what a joke....

I live inside the city limits of the LARGEST city in Kentucky and I had to drop AT&T data because the copper was so pathetic it would not support U-Verse. It would BARELY support 1.5 DSL. The requirements of my job require a reasonably fast and reliable connection so I had no choice but to go to cable and Time-Warner who just bought out Insight Communications. My phone tech who did some troubleshooting told me I was on the LAST wire pair on the line and if it failed or tested poorly I was out of luck for any sort of DSL and it was quite clear the copper would never be replaced. I have contacted my state representatives to kill this AT&T deregulation but I think they get lost in the techno-babble and take AT&T at their word.