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Pleasant Hill, MO

Turning old gpu into physx card worth it?

I don't have many games that use it, but most in my back list I'm about to start playing do. Is the the eye candy worth extra energy use?

Additional info: old gpu is 460ftw, current is 7950, cpu is 2500k @ 4.5ghz.

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Earth Orbit
It's worth it if you want to use "PhysX". Otherwise I wouldn't bother wiith the extra heat and energy. That card could add an extra 160w to your build.
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Pleasant Hill, MO
It would use that much just calculating physX? Well I built my rig to be able to handle dual 580s, but I'm not sure that much extra power would be worth it, 160W is a lot just for more eye candy since its not a full physics engine.

Ashburn, VA
reply to me1212
When I upgraded from a GTX 570 to a GTX 680, I used the older card to run the PhysX with Borderlands 2. It doesn't seem to be too taxing on my system.

Using a SeaSonic 1050W power supply which has close to 90 amps on the single 12V rail.

I normally have the GPU setting to allow it to scale depending on what the application requires. Also, I use the Geforce adaptive v-sync as a default, which unlocks the frame limit when the FPS drop below 60. Admittedly, at 1080P, this is a very rare occurrence.

I just wanted to try it, since I already had the extra card. System is still relatively quiet and cool, so I've just left things alone.


Pleasant Hill, MO
I tried to put mine in my system, tried. The pcie x4 slot that I wanted to use since it wouldn't take any bandwidth from my x16 slot my 7950 is in was too close to my psu's top. Wouldn't fix, dual slot card too big. Meh such is life.